Private events on the rooftop

Have you looked all over for the perfect place to host your next private party? If so, you should look into booking your next event at level 27. level 27 all their guests a truly unforgettable experience that is sure to leave them talking about it. They offer unique and exciting venue options to meet any desire that you have.

Spectacular Views

level 27 is the perfect place to host your next event in the city center. From any room in Level 27, you are sure to witness spectacular views. Your next event in the city center at level 27 will allow you and your guests to see all around the city. You can use this space to show off to your potential business clients, enjoy a good time with friends, or share a memorable experience with loved ones. The views are unforgettable and are sure to set the mood for your next event with the best landscape and view.

Rooftop Venue

If you are looking to host an event in the open air where you can be outside and experience all that the city has to offer, level 27 is the perfect event venue on the roof. They offer a rooftop bar that is sure to accommodate you and your guests and leave you with an incredible view. Hosting your next event in the open air allows you to design your theme with endless possibilities. If you want to enjoy the cityscape and the fresh air this is the event with the best landscape and view a person can find. This event venue on the roof is sure to leave your guests talking about you and the incredible party that you threw.

Unprecedented Entertainment

The experts at level 27 can provide you and your guests with unprecedented entertainment options. Whether you desire a DJ, live band, performers, fire throwers, or other featured guests, level 27 has some of the best connections. They have the space available to host a variety of performers to deliver the experience you are seeking. With an open bar and live entertainment, your guests are sure to have a great time partying while taking in the spectacular views of the city.

Open Bar

level 27 has the option for a regular bar or an open bar. If you are looking for your guests to drink all they want you can host an event with an open bar. This is ideal for business events, bachelor parties or weddings. They are stocked with the highest quality liquors to ensure your guests can drink what they desire. They also have professional bartenders that can make any drink you want quickly, efficiently, and correctly to ensure that it exceeds your expectations.

Prime Location

level 27 is located in the center of the city. It is the prime location to host your next party because not only will everyone know where it is, but they will also be impressed by the location. Whether you are trying to show out of towners a good time or enjoying a night out with friends this venue is in the perfect location. It is close to restaurants and hotels for people to go after the party is over. You will not need to worry about everyone trying to drive home because there are several hotels within walking distance.

level 27 is the ultimate place to host your next private party. They deliver exceptional views, entertainment, bars, and location to meet your every need. They offer several venue places, including the rooftop that are perfect for your next private party. The rooftop location is sure to impress anyone because of the unique design and incredible views of the city