Corporate event on the rooftop

A corporate event organized on a rooftop offers unforgettable views and a unique atmosphere, ideal for networking, celebrating the successes of a company or integrating employees in an informal setting. level 27 is one of the most famous rooftops in Europe. An event on the roof of a Warsaw skyscraper is sure to remain in the participants’ memories for a long time.


level 27 is a popular rooftop bar and nightclub located in Warsaw that offers one of the best views of the city. It is located on the 27th floor in the center of the capital, making it one of the highest places of its kind from where you can admire the Warsaw skyline. It is known for hosting a variety of events, such as corporate parties, private events, as well as regular club nights with DJs. level 27 is distinguished by its modern design, spacious rooftop terrace and high-class service. Thanks to the space’s modular design, it can be easily adapted to the needs of a specific event, whether it is an intimate gathering or a large corporate event.


Without a doubt, the main advantage of organizing an event on the roof of level 27 is the breathtaking panoramic view of the center of Warsaw. The sunset seen from the 27th floor will put all participants in a magical mood. A rooftop corporate event requires detailed planning, but the end result – unforgettable memories and strengthened team relationships – is well worth it. The key is to consider the details that will make the event unique and tailored to the nature of the company and the expectations of the participants. level 27 offers a wide range of additional services, including high-level catering, professional sound and lighting systems, and the ability to personalize the decoration and layout of the space. With these advantages, level 27 is an attractive option for companies looking for an unforgettable location for their events.

By organizing an event on the roof of a skyscraper, you have the chance to create a unique and inspiring experience. Contact us by e-mail: and learn about the current event offer of the level 27.