Where to organize skyscraper photo shooting?

At level 27 you’ll find everything you’re looking for. The perfect layout of your idea is based on open space, somber colors, and the city panorama. The venue is divided into a 355 m²  central area and a 450 m² open terrace. This is a blend of contemporary and post-industrial design. Make your occasion with us and treat your guests to a stunning sunset view of Warsaw.

Whether you’re celebrating with coworkers, friends, or Influencers we’d love to hear from you if you’re searching for a special place to hold a private party or event. Our events section specializes in creating a one-of-a-kind private party that can be tailored to fit any customer’s needs, regardless of budget or personality.


For weddings, birthdays, corporate events, press events, Christmas parties, private party, concerts with open bars and excellent catering, fashion displays, and more. The level 27 area is widely regarded as one of Warsaw’s finest event spaces. Known as one of Poland’s greatest dance clubs, level 27 also dominates the country’s nightlife scene with celebrities and Instagram promoters as guests.

Our special events division has put together a slew of initiatives in the last few years. It includes anything from corporate events to political conferences, recordings of famous musicians, filming TV shows, private events, lectures, special weddings, and Instagram promoters. Creative décor, product launch events, and banquets can all be arranged at the venue. The open bar includes the greatest beverages, and caterers may also be hired to provide catering services and entertainment. As a result of the city panorama, private events can be held outdoors, where guests can take in the spectacular view of Warsaw’s downtown.


You need to know somewhere to go if you’re arranging a special event and want to preserve the memories for posterity. This can be done in a variety of locations. Choose one of the greatest private events venues for an amazing picture shoot. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take photos in a famous skyscraper. These services are available to anyone who want to remember their most special events with the best scenery for photo shooting.


Thanks to the excellent lighting equipment, you’ll be able to capture your special moment with crystal clarity at the bar. This ensures that the darkness of the scene will mask out no information. Distracting flashes will not mar this experience. A professional photographer will be able to capture every detail of your event from the Skyscraper without disrupting the atmosphere.
It’s easy to become jaded with the same old photos taken before or atop the same old structures. In the world-famous rooftop sky bar, photo session are taken to a new level by capturing stunning images from perspectives that can only be obtained there.


People often feel left out or uneasy during a photo session. To ensure that everyone who wants to participate may do so, a photo session at a famous sky bar employs a customized technique of the city panorama. This ensures that everyone participating in the picture shoot will have a positive experience and come away from experience feeling special.


There are a lot of places where you can have your photos taken, but not all of them are going to make the experience pleasant. The great ambiance of the world-famous Skyscraper is well-known for a photo session. It’s all because of their wonderful employees and interesting setting. You’ll have a great time with your pals while getting the best scenery for photo shooting.

You must select an ideal location for photoshoots and work with a vendor who has a proven track record of success. Using a famous sky bar on the rooftop for a photo session will produce second to none results.
It’s a great location for taking photos. The building has the best scenery for photo shooting ops. You’ll find a slew of A-listers posing for pictures on the rooftop.


Following a thorough consultation with you, one of our managers will present you with a list of the services we can provide to make your private event a success. We want you to be satisfied with the results. You’ll have an incredible time, and the images you take will serve as wonderful souvenirs.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. All of your questions will be answered by our team.
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