Holiday parties

Planning a Company Holiday Party? Five Things to Consider

Company holiday parties are not everyone’s favorite. However, when executed the right way, these parties are a great place for office teams to bond. There is a lot to consider from where to go to the party, budget, time, food, drinks, format, and drinks among others. The idea is to plan a party that everyone will enjoy and talk about for months. Here are a few tips for the best holiday parties experience.

Decide on the Type of Party

You can have a holiday party in the office. This will be good for your party budget, but employees might need a more interesting venue. With such a party, you will enjoy high attendance, and you do not have to plan for transportation. However, you will have more planning to do and employees do not attach much value to such a party.

You can also engage in holiday group activities, say a boat cruise or golfing. People love these kinds of parties, so you’ll enjoy high attendance. However, the weather can limit your options. You can go for a formal holiday party or gala. Here, you will need a rented venue and a dressing code. The event takes a lot of planning, but offers the best perceived value. Get the most frequently chosen place by tourists or the best rated by guests, or a place visited by celebrities for the best experience. It will be costly, but you’ll enjoy high attendance.

Lastly, you can take packaged holiday parties. This takes the least planning, but it may not be tailored to the needs of your company.

Set the Budget

What does your budget allow? Can you go to a rooftop bar in Warsaw or a club with an observation deck, or you can only afford to hold an office party? The budget will determine the type and format of the party you will hold. Once you set the budget, you can choose where to go to the party, mode of transportation, the foods and drinks, and the range of activities to undertake.

When setting the budget, consider having the best venue, say a rooftop bar in Warsaw or the most frequently chosen place by tourists. Other costs include:
• Transport
• Food
• Drinks
• Entertainment
• Gifts
• Extras, such as photography

You may pick a club with an observation deck that offers most of the items for your holiday parties. A place visited by celebrities will offer food, drinks, and extras to make your party a success.

Set a Team to Execute Everything

Once you have the budget, it is easier to create a schedule of activities. Set a team to choose a venue, say the most frequently chosen place by tourists or best rated by guests. Once they know where to go to the party, it is easier to organize transport, food, drinks, and extras. The team can make a reconnaissance visit to the best rated by guests venue to enquire on food and other amenities for the company. The team should also set up gift exchange at the rooftop bar in Warsaw or club with an observation deck. Other things to consider include vendor sponsorships, fundraising, etiquette, and alcohol consumption levels.

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